Save Money When You’re Connected to a Mobile Hotspot

Control Your Data! TripMode Icon Have you ever wondered how to control the amount of data that is being used when you have your Mac connected to your iPhone? Well, TripMode is an app that allows you to do exactly that, block specific apps the second you connect to a hotspot and monitor the amount of data you’re using for the apps you turn on. You save money and still get your work done. When you install the TripMode application on your Mac and connect to a hotspot, like your iPhone, TripMode can be customized to which apps on your Mac have access to the internet and which don’t. You can also monitor how much data they use, which is handy if you have a data cap on your iPhone data plan. Inside TripMode, each app’s data usage is also shown, so you can disable one if it starts using too much. For example, you can make sure your iCloud isn’t syncing, your online backup isn’t running, or restrict Dropbox from syncing until you’re back on your home or business Wi-Fi. ScreenShot TripMode


TripMode puts the user in control. Considering the amount of money on average a user will pay for cellular data overages, I have found it to be extremely useful and very easy to use. Visit TripMode at for more information.
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