SoundGecko Text To Audio Transcribing

If like me, you’re constantly on the run but want a convenient and easy way to stay well informed without being glued to your computer screen. Then this could be the answer you’ve been searching for. SoundGecko is a very cool text-to-audio transcribing service. Just drag and drop, or copy and paste a website URL into with your email address, and will convert the article into a dictated audio and email you a mp3 audio file. blogimg-soundgecko It also integrates with cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and an iPhone App. Integration with the iPhone App means that you can listen to your articles you’ve converted easily and conveniently. You will need to register for a SoundGecko account if you would like to take advantage of the iPhone App. One way I use SoundGecko is I connect my iPhone to my car and playback the audio files from SoundGecko during those long hours in the car. This way I can drive smart and drive safe!
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