Mac Made Easy

Here's how I can help you make the most of your technology.

Onsite and Remote Support

If it’s Mac-related, then I got you. From setup to backup, I provide worry-free support for literally everything Apple.

My support services include:

  • Mac desktops and laptops, iPhones, iPads
  • PC to Mac Migration
  • Remote Access Support
  • Networking Management and Support
  • Software and Hardware Upgrades
  • Set-up of Local, Offsite and Network Backup
  • iCloud, Google Apps and various other Cloud services
  • Wireless Setup and support
  • Backup Solutions and regular maintenance
  • Virtualization (running Windows on the Mac)


Whether you’re an Apple All-Star looking to expand your knowledge-base, a recent Mac transfer, or a fresh-off-the-boat computer newbie, I provide patient and understanding training on all things Apple. From businesses to home users, I’ll arm you with the requisite knowledge to make your Mac experience fun, fast and 100% stress free.

My Mac training services include:

  • All Mac software and hardware
  • iPhones, iPads,
  • Remote Access Support
  • Networking Management and Support
  • Software and Hardware Upgrades


A proper technological backbone is an imperative element for all successful businesses. With the dizzying array of available technologies out there, finding the right solutions for you and your business can be quite overwhelming. MacGuru will carefully listen to your objectives and help you identify the best and most cost effective way to make them a reality.

My consultation services include:

  • Software & Hardware Purchasing
  • Set-up and Configuration
  • Security & Privacy Issues
  • Wireless Configuration Planning
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Google Apps Integration

WiFi/Network & Network Storage

Apple’s legendary ease of use extends to countless third-party programs and softwares. Essentially, things just run better on Mac. As such, I offer a variety of integrated solutions for common tech-related needs.

Additional services I provide:

  • Security Camera Set-up & Remote Access from Your Mac/iOS Device
  • iPhone and iPad Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Sonos Audio System Set-up and Mac/iOS Devise Integration
  • Home and Business file server setup and file syncing stored locally, not in the cloud.
  • Home and Business WiFi Setup
  • Install NAS and SAN Shared Storage Solutions for SOHO (Small or Home Office) & Video or Audio Workgroups

When to Call MacGuru Consulting

Contact MacGuru Consulting When You:

  • Are looking for a one-on-one personal experience
  • Prefer working with the same person consistently
  • Enjoy the convenience of support coming to you
  • Experience hardware or software issues
  • Require assistance with third-party software (i.e., 1Password, Microsoft Office, Evernote)
  • Require solutions for offsite back-up, storage, security, syncing, cloud, etc.
  • Desire remote access support
  • Need storage upgrades
  • Are looking to install a Sonos music system in your home or business
  • Are experiencing problems with your home or business wireless network
  • Need to set-up a business Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Have had problems with a previous tech
  • Desire training to become more familiar with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Software

Info It Would Help To Have on Hand:

  • Detailed description of the issue (the more detail, the better)
  • How long you have experienced the issue
  • Type of computer (i.e., MacBook Pro, iMac)
  • Version of operating system (10.7 Lion)
  • What software, if any, were you working with when you experienced the problem
  • What is your favorite color (“very important” question)
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