Safer, Faster Internet with OpenDNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical part of almost every aspect of your Internet experience. Every time you visit a website, send an e-mail, or do almost anything on the Internet, DNS is there to help direct you to the right place. The best analogy for DNS is that of a phonebook. Where a phonebook indexes telephone numbers, the DNS indexes IP addresses for websites. IP addresses are long strings of numbers that act as the authoritative address for websites. DNS is critical because it works automatically to look up the IP address for the website you want to visit. It’s much easier for us to remember than it is to remember the IP address blogimg-opendns

Speed up your Internet experience

OpenDNS’s 12 global data centers are strategically located at the most well-connected intersections of the Internet. Unlike other providers, OpenDNS’s network uses sophisticated Anycast routing technology, which means no matter where you are in the world, your DNS requests are answered by the datacenter closest to you. Combined with the largest DNS caches in the industry, OpenDNS provides you with DNS responses faster than other service.

Make your Internet more reliable

With our extensive data center footprint and use of Anycast technology, the OpenDNS network has built-in redundancy ensuring zero downtime. SmartCache technology, an OpenDNS innovation, enables you to access sites that may otherwise be inaccessible due to authoritative DNS outages, providing you with the most reliable Internet possible.

Improve your security

OpenDNS owns and operates PhishTank, the largest clearinghouse of phishing information on the Internet. OpenDNS incorporates PhishTank into its services to protect you from fraudulent websites that attempt to steal your personal information and money. In addition, OpenDNS provides protection against many pervasive Internet security threats that continue to infect millions of users. Learn more about Phishing HERE

Easy to set up and it’s free.

Getting started on OpenDNS Premium DNS takes minutes; there are no downloads or additional software required, and it’s completely free. Step by step instructions on changing your Apple Extreme or Airport Express DNS settings, can be found HERE .
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