Create Custom iPhone Ringtones

Creating custom ringtones for your iPhone is easy with this great Ringtones App by The Little App Factory. blogimg-ringtones First, download the Ringtones app from the App store, HERE. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, go ahead and open it. You’ll notice that all of your music that is located in iTunes will show up in a list view.

Adjusting the length of the Ringtone

Once you have selected a song from your list of songs, you should see a wave form (shown below). You have the option to increase or decrease the length of the ringtone by grabbing the bottom left and bottom right of the the blue highlighted area to exactly where you would like to have the song start and end. By moving your cursor over the highlighted wave area you’ll notice that your cursor will change to a hand grabber icon. Click and hold down the mouse when you show the grabber to drag the whole blue highlighted area to the left and right. This will allow you to select the part of the song that you want. You can play and stop the song area selection by tapping on your space bar on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also click on the Preview bottom on the bottom right of the app to do the same thing. blogimg-ringtones-3 Additional items that can be changed are fade in and fade out of the ringtone and loopback duration. These items can be found at the bottom of the app.

Ready for iTunes

Once you have selected your desired portion of the song, click on the Send to iTunes button on the bottom right of the app and the selected music will be converted to the proper format (.m4r), and imported into iTunes. It is now ready to be synced with your iPhone. Make sure you have Tones selected in iTunes to be synced with your iPhone (shown below). Once you have synced your iPhone with your iTunes, go on your iPhone and select Settings, then Sounds, and finally Ringtone. You should see your default iPhone ringtones and your custom ringtone that you created. It’s great to select the ringtone to a particular sound on your iPhone or maybe choose a ringtone for a particular person in your phone’s contacts.
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