Apple EarPod Tricks

Extra Features Unveiled! Apple EarPods Most Apple users—old vets and newbies alike—are accustomed to the fact that, when it comes to a product’s ease of use, Apple is always at the top of its game. It seems they’re always thinking of everything, right? For instance, by now you’re probably well aware that the iPhone is not just another pretty face (or in this case, not just a simple piece of hardware). Time and again, you could go deeper and further into the functionality of Apple’s products and never seem to learn it all. But EarPods? What “bonus features” could possibly be included with something so simple as EarPods? Here are some not so well-known functions your Apple EarPods provide. By the way, most of these features are also applicable to your iPad and iPad Mini.

While Listening to Music

Tap the center button once to toggle “Pause” and “Play” in a snap. Tap twice (short tap, long tap) to fast-forward your song. Tap three times (short, short, long) to rewind your song. Double-tap to skip a song. Triple-tap to go back one song.

While on the Phone

Tap the center button once to answer a call—tap again to hang up. Not prepared to take a call? Give the center button a long press to ignore, and when you hear two beeps, you’ll know the call made its way to voicemail. You can catch them later. Call waiting? Tap once to switch over to the new caller. When you’re done with Caller #2, press and hold the center button for a couple of seconds to disconnect. Hello again, Caller #1!

While Using the Camera

Yes, you read that right—your Apple EarPods can help work your camera! Your EarPods can function as a shutter release. Just tap Volume+ to snap that supersteady shot!

For Siri Users

Long-press the center button to enable Siri.
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