iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – How 3D Touch Works

Did I mention just how great the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are? These new devices have been a major upgrade with considerable more capabilities and components, from the camera and video to gruntier processors and let’s not forget the pressure sensitive 3D touch screen, there’s a lot to get excited about – you can discover the full multitude of iPhone goodness on my blog. To celebrate the launch of this newest iPhone (which broke pre-sale records), here’s a couple of handy tips and tricks for using the 3D touch screen: peekandpop-ios Quick Actions – start shooting video or selfies immediately, get instant directions home, fire off a quick message and more—with just one press. Quick Actions are shortcuts that let you do the things you frequently do most, but faster and in fewer steps. Many Quick Actions work straight from your Home screen and require only a single, firm press aka the 3D Touch press. For example, just press the Phone icon to quickly call one of your favourite contacts.

Quick Action Examples

Call a frequent contact. Go to your Home screen and press on the Phone app icon. A mini-menu pops up, offering the ability to call one of your more frequently called contacts, or to create a new contact. Instantly snap a selfie, shoot a video. Press the Camera icon on the Home screen to access camera or video through the mini menu. You can also go straight into another camera mode such as Slo-mo. Get a conversation going faster than ever. Simply press Messages or FaceTime app icons on the Home screen to begin a new message, quickly reach out or start a chat with one of your favorite contacts. Get where you’re going with fewer steps. Just press Maps to instantly get directions home, drop a pin on your current location or send location details to a friend. iPhone 6s Peek and Pop

Peek and Pop

Now you can preview the contents of an email, document, web page, map direction or other link, without having to fully open it in the relevant app. Peek and Pop is accessed via a 3D Touch press which allows you to ‘Peek’ for a quick view and then ‘Pop’ the item open in its app to see fully. If you’re in the Mail app and do a firmer press on an address in an email, a preview of the location will spring up and let you check out the map without actually opening it in full. You can then do a still firmer press to make the map ‘Pop’ open fully, or you can release to close the preview and go back to the original screen. Peek and Pop Maps
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