More time for less money!

We could all use a little extra time every now and then, right? Well you’re in luck with my newest offer.

You can now purchase 10 hours and only pay for 8*, or purchase 5 hours and only pay for 4*… what a deal! This deal ends December 31 2015.

Apple Watch

MacGuru is perfect if you’re looking for:

– One-on-one personal experience
– Consistency and prefer working with the same person
– The convenience of support coming to you
– Help solving hardware or software issues
– Assistance with third-party software (i.e., 1Password, Microsoft Office, Evernote)
– Solutions for offsite back-up, storage, security, syncing, cloud, etc.
– Remote access support
– Wireless setup throughout home or business
– Storage upgrades
– An Apple Server setup
– Local or offsite backup setup for home or business
– Installation of a Sonos music system in your home or business
– Help to solve problems with your home or business wireless network
– Reliable service due to problems you’ve had with a previous tech
– Set-up of a business Virtual Private Network (VPN)
– iOS and OS X Devise Management
– Training to become more familiar with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Software.

If interested or want to learn more, contact me here.

*Terms and conditions apply. Hours applied for non-standard hours will be billed at a higher rate. Non-standard hours include Monday through Friday before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m., weekends and holidays.

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